Electric Mast, EM410 4ft


Rugged, blade-mounted electronically adjustable mast

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Trimble EM410 Electric Mast
Rugged, blade-mounted electronically adjustable mast
General Description
The Trimble® EM410 Electric Mast provides an electric motor-operated lead screw
for positioning the height of the LR400/410 laser receiver from the cab of mobile
machinery. The EM410 is used with the M4 heavy-duty shock mount for mounting
over the blade’s cutting edge. In-cab elevation adjustments provide the safest and
most accurate method for benching the machine blade to finish grade, fine elevation
adjustments, and elevation offsets for rough cuts/material balancing. The EM410 is
designed to work with the CB420 control box.
Positioning Accuracy – The EM410 adjusts the laser receiver’s position in
increments of 1mm, 0.01′, or 1/16″, depending on the unit of measurement selected
for precise matching to the finish grade elevation, ensuring that you only place the
planned amount of material.
Built to Last – The EM410’s rugged cast aluminum housing is designed and built
to the most demanding construction industry standards, yet lightweight for daily
12 and 24 VDC Operation – One mast can be interchanged between 12 and 24 VDC machines without
changing motors or overdriving the electronics. The EM410 is designed for customers with mixed
voltage fleets to ensure system interchangeability and component flexibility.
English or Metric – CAN-based design allows easy conversion at the operator box to display either
English measurements of 0.01′ or 1/16″ or Metric measurements at 1 mm increments.
Standard Features
• Telescoping design extension range of 1200mm ±12mm (47.3″ to ±0.5″)
• SAE J1939 CAN compatible
• 12 or 24 VDC operation
• Height output convertible to either English or Metric measurements thru Control Box