Tripod, Laser Legs Wood / Fiberglass 3’2 to 5’3 p/n 1161



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g Tripod Heavy Duty Wood for mobile repeater radio and RTK base station

This kit contains a heavy duty wooden tripod that can support either a mobile RTK base station or a repeater radio.

An RTK base station transmits high-accuracy corrections over a radius (usually approximately 13 km (8 miles), although this can vary). Within that radius, there may be holes in the coverage in areas that do not receive direct signals from the base. You can use a repeater radio to extend the coverage or range of your RTK network.

There are 2 types of RTK base station and repeater layout:

  • Hub and spoke: The base station provides primary coverage, while repeater radios are placed at points within the radius to fill in gaps in coverage.
  • Staircase: One or more repeater radios are used in a line to extend the primary coverage area of the network outwards in a line.